Underground Pipe Porch Formwor

Formwork system for underground pipe gallery

The tunnel formwork

The automatically climbing formwork is composed of panels, scaffoldings and working platforms, automatically achieves panel circle and scaffolding and working platform lifting by its hydraulic system, electric control system, devices attached to wall and climbing devices, The system improves efficiency of 50% compared with traditional process, saves panels of 40% compared with turnover formwork, saves special transporter cranes, reduces overall costs, simple and safe to operate.

Building component product lin

Housing industrialization is to build houses by industrial production to increase labor productivity of housing production, improve overall quality, lower costs, and reduce energy and material consumption.


Sanbo specializes in producing high-speed railway, highway bridge formwork, hanging basket formwork, tunnel lining trolley, integral prefabricated formwork, prefabricated segmental assembly formwork system, mobile formwork bridge building machine and water conservancy engineering machinery.

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