Formwork prefabrication

formwork prefabrication

The world's longest cross-sea bridge - Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Following Three Gorges, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, South-to-North water diversion, West-to-East Gas Transfer and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, another China major infrastructure project, is a world-class national strategic over-sea channel.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, a total length of 49.968 km, is the longest bridge in the world. The construction adopts the concept of "four modernizations" of large-scale scalization, industrialization and standardization, that is the latest international engineering philosophy.

The CB03 contract section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project is 8670 meters long, including non-navigable 110 m-span continuous steel box-girder bridge and cable-stayed 458-meter double-tower and double-cable-plane Qingzhou Channel Bridge of the main span. There are 68 piers under the non-navigable bridge that are thin-walled and hollow. Caps are hexagonal with a buried prefabricated structure. The piers are precast vertically and wholly or segmentally. The maximum single segment is 26.95 meters in height and 3380t in weight.

The bridge design life is up to 120 years, which raises enormous demands on quality and corrosion resistance of prefabricated piers to be submerged in seawater for many years. Double layer epoxy resin reinforcement is used for the piers. When Constructing, reinforcement goes through formwork and forms cross and vertical pullings in opposite direction, which ensures its accuracy position. There is pier presser foot at back cast hole, which reduces the formwork`s stripping room, and this increases great difficulties to design and manufacture the formwork. For this reason, we`ve designed the monolithic back-cast hole formwork.

Size: φ3600 (φ3400) × 4500mm, with ring shear keys.

Type: side back-cast hole and middle back-cast hole, both with same size while different positions of presser foot and reinforcement.

Saudi Arabia Jeddah Port Container Terminal

Owner: Red Sea Gateway Terminal Co.

Location:The Tusdeer berth Mecca is about 70 kilometers apart away from it; and there are many international routes to the world.

Project scale: The project is mainly composed of two main berths with a capacity of 100,000 tons, a feeder berth with a capacity of 50,000 tons, base troughs and basin waterway dredging.

The main berth is 735 meters in length and the feeder berth is 317.275 meters in length, which are perpendicular to each other into an "L" shape. The total project cost is 230 million US dollars.


Syria—Double T beam formwork

1. The total length of the double T beam formwork is 118m, each section of the formwork is 11.8m, and there are 10 sections in total.

2. The width of the double T beam is 2400mm, and the height changes are: 950mm, 650mm, 450mm.

3. The height of the bottom form can be adjusted.

Yantai-Dalian railway ferry—Cassion Fomwork

The Yantai-Dalian railway ferry includes four projects: railway transportation, road transportation, maritime transportation and maritime safety supervision. It runs through the Bohai Strait and has very convenient transportation.

The entire project requires 34.35 kilometers of new railway lines, and the sea transportation distance is about 86.28 nautical miles (159.8 kilometers).


Hydraulic Table

The hydraulic table is a prefabricated product specially designed by Sanbo for Saudi Arabia. It is divided into three forms in terms of design and function:

1. Mobile table:
2. Tilting table:

Precasting Formwork


1   Simple structure, conveniently setting up, no stripping and effectively reducing the preparation time before concrete pouring;

2   Almost no distortion, no leakage, no moving, helpful to ensure concrete quality.


In recent years, the precasting formworks designed and manufactured by Sanbo have been used to the important projects of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Zhoushan Islands Link Project, intercity railways of Beijing-Tianjin, Hefei-Nanjing, Hefei-Wuhan, Wuhan-Guangdong, Fujian – Xiamen, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hongkong and Guangzhou-Zhuhai, Dubai High Speed Light Rail and Saudi Arabia Jalama Bridge.

Precasting Formwork


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Sanbo specializes in producing high-speed railway, highway bridge formwork, hanging basket formwork, tunnel lining trolley, integral prefabricated formwork, prefabricated segmental assembly formwork system, mobile formwork bridge building machine and water conservancy engineering machinery.

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