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Sanbo template company was established in 1997, in the country to participate in many national key project construction. In the international market, there are mainly: USA (Palmedo Project, Dulles Light Rail, Miami-Prefabricated Segmental Assembly Formwork System), Australia (Adelaide-Prefabricated Segmental Assembly Formwork System), Canada (Vancouver Port Man Expressway-Prefabricated Segmental Assembly Formwork System, Butterfly Beam Formwork), Saudi Arabia plus Saudi Binladin Group Garmarat Bridge (wall tunnel formwork, hydraulic I-beam, hydraulic platform, segmental precast assembly formwork system, etc.), Dubai urban light rail assembly formwork system); central America Colombia (hanging basket), Ecuador (Baba Oyo River Bridge-prefabricated segmental assembly formwork system), Syria (double T-beam, hydraulic platform), Kuwait (Mrua Bridge-mobile formwork bridge machine, longitudinal T-beam), Spain (housing construction, early removal of formwork), Morocco (hydraulic climbing formwork, wall tunnel formwork, capping beam, T-beam, pier column), Malaysia (Penang Second Sea-crossing Bridge One Hanging Basket, light Rail-Prefabricated Segment Assembly Formwork System), Pakistan (Hanging Basket), Vietnam (Pure Round Pin Beam Lining Trolley), Ethiopia (Tunnel Lining Trolley), Qatar (Doha Newport-Block Formwork), Bahrain (Manama North Bridge-Prefabricated Segment Assembly Formwork System), etc.




Sanbo specializes in producing high-speed railway, highway bridge formwork, hanging basket formwork, tunnel lining trolley, integral prefabricated formwork, prefabricated segmental assembly formwork system, mobile formwork bridge building machine and water conservancy engineering machinery.

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