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South-to-North Water Diversion Project - Hutuohe Inverted Siphon

In 2004,Sanbo contracted to undertake the Fully Automatic Hydraulic Liner Trolley for Hutuohe Inverted Siphon Project of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project-one of the state’s key projects. Hutuohe Inverted Siphon Project is situated in Zhengding County,Hebei Province,which is the first project to be kicked off in the Jing-Shi Section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Emergency Water Supply Project. The inverted siphon pipe adopts three-hole one-connection reinforcement concrete box type construction. Project use of the liner trolley has proven that fully automatic hydraulic liner trolley is featured by good grouting quality,quick formwork installation and removal,good results,easy operation and high degree of safety and reliabilty. Use of this product has overcome shortcomings of traditional formwork grouting,thus bringing about another major breakthrough and leap in concrete construction technology.


South-to-North Water Diversion Project - Tanghe Inverted Siphon

Being one of the state’s key projects,South-to-North Water Diversion Tanghe Inverted Siphon Project is situated in Hebei province. This project includes three parallel tunnels which were grouted section by section. According to the construction requirements,Sanbo desigoned a belt type concrete distributor,and the concrete delivery equipment adopted triple-track self walking main girder truss design. After being used in the project,the distributor was highly spoken of by the construction company. This product is featured by wide distribuing range,simple construction,high degree of safety and practical and convenient use. 


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Sanbo specializes in producing high-speed railway, highway bridge formwork, hanging basket formwork, tunnel lining trolley, integral prefabricated formwork, prefabricated segmental assembly formwork system, mobile formwork bridge building machine and water conservancy engineering machinery.

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