launching girder

paving&levelling machine

The slurry-cleaning & leveling machine is an ideal equipment for concrete paving treatment.It is widely used in high standard highways,civil roads,channel slopes and so on.

Main features:It serves several purposes-paving, levelling up,vibration compaction,slurry-cleaning/sucking... The Sanbo products was applied to Quanjiao beam yard ,Hefei-Nanjing Railway project. It is good in quality, reasonable in configuration and easy in operation.

launching girder

Donghai Sea Bridge is composed of two big-span cable-stayed bridges, four pre-stressed continuous beam bridges, lots of approach bridges and a bank between 2 islands.

Unlike bridge erection machines used in other projects in the past ,which were used just to place the prefabricated beams on the bridge ,the launching girder used for this project has formworks inside to allow for rebar bundling  and concrete pouring and ramming .Furthermore ,800T launching girder can also walk automatically to build the bridge structure concrete .This is the first time to in China in supplication of the builder technology and it is also the rare case all over the world.



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Sanbo specializes in producing high-speed railway, highway bridge formwork, hanging basket formwork, tunnel lining trolley, integral prefabricated formwork, prefabricated segmental assembly formwork system, mobile formwork bridge building machine and water conservancy engineering machinery.

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